Thank You

Thank You!

Biolaya would never have been possible without the support of many people.

Thank you first and foremost to Surie for walking this path with me. You made many sacrifices to follow a dream that was often at odds with what was expected of you in your own community. I will always cherish the memories of our shared adventures and have huge respect for you and all your incredible gifts.

And thank you Pappu for sharing the journey that led to Biolaya. The years I spent at the Krishna Temple were some of my most magical, and I feel very blessed to have spent this time with you.

Thank you to my family for allowing me the freedom to venture into the (very) unknown at such a young age, and supporting me on every step of the way.

A huge thank you to David Mitchell for your generous support – for having faith in a young man’s dreams and helping them come true; I cannot think of any gift greater than that.

Also a huge thank you to Stephen Akester for supporting me in so many ways – for sharing your wisdom and shining light on the path ahead when I was fumbling in the dark.

Thank you Sebastian Pole for your ever-enthusiastic support; little did I know just how much our fateful meeting in 2002 would shape the years to come. Without your passion for Himalayan herbs there would have been no Biolaya.

Thank you Pukka Herbs for stepping forward to support our project, and for providing me with a livelihood with the freedom and flexibility to pursue my dreams.

Thank you to my friends who spent time with me in Deushar – especially to Simon Nugent and Susanna Waters for dropping everything and taking a giant leap into the unknown. And thank you to Sarah Weston for your endless enthusiasm and for working your magic in the garden.

A very special thanks to Nomita Khatri for following your heart all the way to Deushar to spend time with a strange angrez… it was a brave thing to do, and I have many, many reasons to be incredibly grateful for that.

Thank you Martin Graham for stepping in and keeping the dream alive when I could see no way forward, and thank you Jahan Singh for all the amazing work you did at Chanyara farm.

Thank you to the SEED initiative and in particular Helen Marquard for all your support. And many thanks to all the SEED partners: Mamta Chandar for being an all-round inspiration; Vyv Salisbury for galvanising the backing of UWE; Asish Chakraborty and Akshay Gupta for going beyond the call of duty in your support.

Thank you Kevin Casey and Scott Cote at Banyan Botanicals for your generous support of the project. You give us all hope.

Thank you Ram Singh, Gyan, Raju, Ashok, Jitender, Meera, Malpa and everyone else who were part of the Biolaya team. And thank you to all the farmers, herb collectors and all the amazing people of the Kullu Valley who made it so difficult for me to come home!

And thank you Tallulah Rendall for putting up with me as I stubbornly insisted on writing this website when we could have been out playing in the woods!